Dienstag, 18. Oktober 2011

the wolf, the time tunnel and the funny moustache

What if you have the opportunity to travel back in time and prevent one of the darkest times in human history? Would you change the past for a hopefully better future or would you keep the past in fear by saving people now could mean to sacrifice future at all?

Hello and welcome to my first review written in English. Why English you ask? It is about a new book and till now it is only available in this language. So if it is already too exhausting for you to read this review, get away! You would never read the whole book, fool!
OK, now that the douchebags left the building, we can focus on the topic:
“Wolf Hunt”. But what´s this book about?

In 2024 the world is crumbling. Conflicts around the globe are causing riots, murder and terrorism - civilisation is beginning to crack. Within this situation, a multinational task force sets course to brazil. The mission: preventing an upcoming civil war in South-America. But sailing through a strange weather phenomenon, the people of the task force find themselves thrown back in time.

It is 1940 and the world is at war. Poland is occupied and got divided between Nazi-Germany and the Sowjetunion. The Nazi war machine is still unbeaten, their troops standing among others in Norway and France. The only noteworthy remaining power which is still fighting against them is Great Britain.

Realizing the situation, Florian Hallwinter, Captain of a german destroyer, finds the opportunity of changing the past given to his hands. What if they could prevent the Holocaust before it ever happens? To him, the mission is crystal clear: Heading to Berlin to kill Hitler and the other masterminds of the regime!

But it would not be the first time, that good intentions made it worse. Hallwinters friend and comrade, Captain Steven Flynn of the US Army, understands the imminent danger, which lies in that mission. In fear of opening Pandora´s Box, he tries to stop his friend...
The "German" Cover

“Wolf Hunt” is the first novel of a new series, which is called “The Burning Ages”. It is also the first book the author Sebastian Breit ever released and with that I hope we can watch how a successful career is starting. After these lines you surely guessed it: I like the book. OK, I like alternative history and timetravel storys at all, so it was no big deal to make me read “Wolf Hunt”. But besides that TBA takes place during one of the most dangerous, destructive and interesting times in the latest human history. So it is easy to set a plot full of action. But does the plot also makes sense?

Yes it does! And more than that. On every page you can read how many work on research the author spent. As far as I can see, he did no mistakes, but even if there are a couple of them, I would not care. The important thing is, the settings he describes feel real and authentic.
The scenes are filled with a huge amount of details about historical facts, weaponry, machines, societies and so on, but Breit never overdone it with that. The narrative flow is good, the exciting plot is pushed forward everytime. Divided into the story lines of the german and US troops, we follow them on their different ways in Europe and America. The nice thing is, that the author believable shows that WWII´s cast is more like different shades of grey instead of black and white. Nearly everyone has his own targets and is scheming intrigues. 

So the plot is filled with a lot of characters and if you want to find a negative aspect, you can whine about the fact, that the author didn´t found the time to give every character the same depth you may wish. But remember you are reading just the first book of a series. Some of the chars surely will return later in the story.

What else is to say? “Wolf Hunt” is available on Amazon as paperback and e-book for Kindle.

Still not convinced? Then listen to this example (in 2 parts) I read for you.

Great book! Read it and join me in waiting for part two.
The hunt is on, friends.


  1. Quote: "Poland is occupied and got divided between Nazi-Germany and the Sowjetunion."

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